Sundar India (meaning beautiful India) is an initiative of Patries and Naomi Hartog, two Dutch sisters, and an Indian driver, Manoj Yadav. In 2012, we made our first trip through Rajasthan with Manoj his brother Vinod. Especially because of our stay with Vinod, his wife Jyotti and his daughter Sakshi, this trip was really special and it deeply touched us. Sadly, Vinod passed away in 2013 and from that moment on we have been supporting his family. With Sundar India we provide tours that are different from what big organisations offer you, without missing out on India's highlights such as the Taj Mahal. Staying in rural India, you will get acquainted with the 'real' India with its daily habits and vibrant culture. Safe and care-free you will get the experience of a lifetime!